Ilse Lindqvist and Yrsa Ranki (ex. Lindqvist) owns and work together with art and design glass inside their company ArtGlassCenter.

- As material glass is both flexible and technically demanding and offers enough of challenge to be interesting all the time. To see the final result after a long process of planning and experiments gives us a satisfaction – the same we like to give also to our customers when they find just the piece they are looking for made by us.

- Even if we are twins we both have different backgrounds. Ilse has been working with glass in several different techniques – starting from coldwork, such as Tiffany, proceeding to different kiln techniques to be a skilful glassblower with own design.

The last years Ilse has continued her studies in glass and is about to finish her examination as designer in HAMK (Häme University of applied science).

Yrsa has a background in graphical design and learned to work with glass in the cooperation with her sister Ilse.  Besides glass she also designs and create her own jewelries in sterling silver.

- In our design we both are inspired by the way glass captures the light and we often play with different structures and combinations of colours. Our common goal is that the things we are designing are unique, functional and aesthetic – a piece should be something we both can accept regarding both the design and quality.

In our objects we combine different techniques. Additional to the blown pieces we offer objects made in different kiln techniques. Today we concentrate mostly on different projects creating unique pieces and items in limited edition such as interior elements, installations and art for public space.

Some of our projects are presented on this web-site.


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Photo: Katja Väänänen
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